Workplace Violence


This course is available through our virtual learning program.

Course Description

Our workplace violence training course will help supervisors and employees identify the kinds of behavior and language that can escalate into violence. These include verbal threats, verbal abuse, yelling, stalking, pushing, kicking, hitting, and other types of physical violence. In this training session, students will learn to identify signs and symptoms of domestic violence. They will also learn techniques to de-escalate situations. Finally, they will be trained in security procedures to ensure the safety of employees during violent situations.

Student Learning Outcomes

After this training, participants will be able to:

  • Define workplace harassment and violence.
  • Identify traits of bullies and learn how to avoid hiring them.
  • Create a risk assessment and understand how to handle violence.
  • Recognize social and business responsibility.
  • Develop policies and procedures to prevent and address violent behavior.
  • Investigate reported incidents of workplace violence.

Career Development

This course can can help prepare individuals for higher level work in the security industry, including supervisor and manager positions. Workplace safety training courses in general will enhance your understanding of best practices and expectations when dealing with injuries, illnesses, and other threats to safety on the job. The skills and knowledge you can gain from these classes can make you more confident, effective, and productive in the workplace.