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We believe that education and personal development are the foundational keys for success, and the necessary tools to build a great society.

What is the AGB INSTITUTE?

The AGB Institute is a nonprofit 501(c)3 private school that offers training in a wide range of work-related areas, including security service, office administration, and clerical support in Chicago. The Institute is the brainchild of entrepreneur John Griffin, Jr., who has found success developing his own employees through continuous training and professional development opportunities.

Investing in education is part of Griffin’s greater mission to rebuild the fabric of society in inner-city neighborhoods, where industry, innovation, and opportunity have become scarce.

The AGB Institute provides a strategic avenue for training in a variety of fields, from blue collar to business professionals. The Institute has a highly skilled faculty and a growing catalog of course offerings. Our school and courses are approved to operate by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

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Why Choose the AGB Institute?

The AGB Institute is approved to operate by the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), and our courses are approved to operate by IBHE . Our faculty includes highly experienced and charismatic leaders who have a proven track record of success in the business and educational arenas. They offer excellent training and are on top of the latest best practices in a variety of industry sectors.

Do you want to prepare yourself for advancement opportunities?

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Are you looking for ways to develop yourself professionally?

If so, find out what the AGB Institute has to offer! We can help you become more marketable by enhancing your professional abilities and developing a range of interpersonal, management, and leadership skills.

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