Verbal De-escalation & Crisis Management


This course is available through our virtual learning program.

Course Description

Students will learn and hone skills for defusing tension and preventing dangerous situations. Our De-escalation & Crisis Management course is not related to a specific industry licensure or certification exam. However, it does teach best practices for managing confrontations and other potentially dangerous situations in the field of security.

Student Learning Outcomes

This training will empower students to identify warning signs that could lead to a crisis, and it will equip them with techniques to prevent alarming situations from happening. Students will learn verbal and nonverbal techniques to defuse tension, disengagement skills to avoid injury, and coping methods to deal with fear and anxiety, among other topics.

Career Development

This Verbal De-Escalation and Crisis Prevention course will help prepare individuals for higher level work in the security industry, including supervisor and manager positions. Workplace safety training courses in general will enhance your understanding of best practices and expectations when dealing with injuries, illnesses, and other threats to safety on the job. The skills and knowledge you can gain from these classes can make you more confident, effective, and productive in the workplace.