Active Shooter Awareness/Active Survival


This course is available through our virtual learning program.

Course Description

What should you do if an active shooter is nearby? Because there is often no pattern or method to the selection of victims by an active shooter, these situations can be unpredictable and evolve quickly. Be prepared for the possibility of active threats in the workplace, and learn how to prevent and respond to such incidents. This course is designed to help people anticipate and prevent an active threat situation, and to respond if one should occur. Students will learn about potential workplace-violence indicators and characteristics of active shooters.

Student Learning Outcomes

Participants will become familiar with the tools and methods for responding to an imminent or active threat situation. They will learn how to identify the warning signs of potential threat in the workplace. Ultimately, they will learn how to save lives and survive in an active threat situation.

Career Development

This Active Shooter Awareness and Active Survival Training course will help prepare individuals for higher level work in the security industry, including supervisor and manager positions. Workplace safety training courses in general will enhance your understanding of best practices and expectations when dealing with injuries, illnesses, and other threats to safety on the job. The skills and knowledge you can gain from these classes can make you more confident, effective, and productive in the workplace.