Taser Certification Training


This course is led by an AXON-certified trainer and will be offered at the AGB Institute, 7545 S. Western Ave., Chicago, IL 60620.

Course Description

This course will provide introductory training and practical applications for TASER conducted energy weapons (CEWs), used for de-escalation and self defense. Our AXON certified trainers provide expert instruction to security professionals and individuals in carrying, storing, deploying, and operating TASER CEWs safely and effectively.

Upon completion of this course, you will have learned:

  • Technology associated with TASER 7
  • The nomenclature and operation of the TASER 7 and its cartridges
  • Proper care and troubleshooting techniques
  • CEW smart use considerations
  • Tactical considerations with CEW use
  • Proper probe placement and aiming
  • Safe handling of CEWs

The course also addresses the following topics:

  • Public safety considerations
  • Decision making and force options
  • Medical issues and risk alleviation
  • Effects on the human body
  • Effects on animals
  • Setup and operation
  • Targeting
  • Probe deployment
  • Probe removal
  • Personal safety protocols
  • Maintenance
  • Legal issues


None, except that students should be aware of Illinois law requiring a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card to own a taser. The minimum age to be eligible for a FOID card is 21.

Career Path/Development

Taser Training will enhance the skills of any professional in the security industry. Learning to operate a taser safely and effectively is a valuable skill that security professionals can use to protect themselves and others while on the job.

Why Choose AGB Institute?

The AGB Institute is proud to offer the highest level of security training for industry professionals as well as individuals seeking self defense tools. This course is led by Axon-certified instructors who have received the latest high-level training in the use of taser energy weapons.