Range Requalification for Security Officers

AGB Institute now offers armed security requalification.

Security guards must renew their certification, license, or registration frequently to remain active. Some agencies require renewal once per year, while others may have requirements of twice per year.  The guards may also have to take continuing-education classes or refresher firearms training classes to qualify for renewal.

Your license as an armed security officer will be renewed upon proof that the guard has been re-qualified on the firing range within one year preceding the renewal date. We can help with this.  The employee must also provide proof that they are still employed by the agency where the card was issued.

Our Range Safety and National Rifle Association certified instructors are available for courses to teach proper weapon handling and shooting skills.  If it is that you need to requalify for your current employer or if it has been some time since you have requalified; come, see us!  Keep up to date with your state mandated training requirement and stay proficient with your weapon.