Advanced Security Professional


The Advanced Security Professional course imparts the education and practical skills required for students to advance in the field of security and law enforcement. This program supplements the following training courses: Unarmed Security Professional and Armed Security Professional. Course length is 8 weeks (168 clock hours). The certification earned at the end of this training course entitles students to apply for a Permanent Employee Registration Card (PERC) and a 230 Firearms Certification through the Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

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Course Objectives & Student Learning Outcome

This course is intended to increase the marketability of professionals working in the security industry. Students will hone basic and practical skills required for armed security jobs. The Advanced Security Professional course focuses on developing a deliberate set of skills, as outlined in the following chart.


Class / CourseHours
Historical Perspectives and Trends In Private Security8
Microsoft Excel Basics8
Conflict Resolution8
Customer Service8
Anger Management8
Workplace Violence8
Medical Emergencies8
Unarmed Basic Security20
Advanced Report Writing8
Leadership and Influence8
Stress Management8
Laws of Arrest8
Use of Force8
Active Shooter16
CPR /AED / First Aid8
Armed Security Certification20