20-Hour Unarmed Security & Taser Certification Training

Course Dates: May 24–26, 2022

Take advantage of significant savings with this course pack that bundles two high-demand classes: 20-Hour Unarmed Security and Taser Certification Training. These courses are valued at $240—and we are offering the bundle at a huge discount for a limited time only!

Instruction will take place at the AGB Institute, 7545 S. Western Ave., Chicago, IL 60620. Our instructors include former law enforcement officers who have experience at the federal level, as well as AXON-certified trainers who specialize in working with TASER conducted energy weapons (CEWs). Our customized training goes beyond what is offered at the largest national and international firms.

Course Description

Begin your career in the security industry with this course pack that bundles our popular 20-Hour Unarmed Certification with Taser Training.

The 20-Hour Unarmed Security Certificate course prepares students for entry-level positions in the security industry, as an unarmed security officer or guard in many parts of the U.S., including the District of Columbia. You’ll receive basic training on the responsibilities of private security officers, including patrolling and incident reporting. This course also covers the fundamentals of criminal and civil law.

In addition, our AXON certified instructors will provide introductory training on how to carry, store, deploy and operate TASER CEWs safely and effectively, for de-escalation and self defense.

Upon completion, you will have learned:

  • Criminal and civil law basics
  • An overview of services offered by the security industry
  • In-depth responsibilities of private security officers
  • Technology associated with TASER 7
  • The nomenclature and operation of the TASER 7 and its cartridges
  • Proper care and troubleshooting techniques
  • CEW smart use considerations
  • Tactical considerations with CEW use
  • Proper probe placement and aiming
  • Safe handling of CEWs

The course also addresses the following TASER-related topics:

  • Public safety considerations
  • Decision making and force options
  • Medical issues and risk alleviation
  • Effects on the human body
  • Effects on animals
  • Setup and operation
  • Targeting
  • Probe deployment
  • Probe removal
  • Personal safety protocols
  • Maintenance
  • Legal issues

Career Path

Newcomers to the security industry can start by training to become an unarmed security guard. This position is an excellent stepping stone to becoming an armed security officer or a shift leader.


None, except that students should be aware of Illinois law requiring a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card to own a taser. The minimum age to be eligible for a FOID card is 21.

Career Path/Development

Newcomers to the security industry can take this course bundle to become an unarmed security guard. This position is an excellent stepping stone to becoming an armed security officer or a shift leader. Taser Training will further enhance your resume because safe and effective TASER operation is a valuable skill that security professionals can use to protect themselves and others while on the job.

Why Choose AGB Institute?

The AGB Institute is proud to offer the highest level of security training for industry professionals as well as individuals seeking self defense tools. This course is led by Axon-certified instructors who have received the latest high-level training in the use of taser energy weapons.