Unarmed Security Professional


The Unarmed Security Professional course imparts the basic and practical skills required for students to enter  the field of security. This program typically takes four weeks and requires 84 clock hours to earn the certification. The course meets and exceeds the training requirements necessary to apply for a Permanent Employee Registration Card (PERC) through the Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulations (IDFPR). Students enrolled in this program will receive more expansive instruction than what is offered in our 20-hour basic unarmed training course.


The Unarmed Security Professional course focuses on developing a deliberate set of skills that are required for those seeking employment in the security industry. These competencies are outlined in the following chart.

Class / Course Hours
Historical Perspectives and Trends In Private Security 8
Self Management 8
Conflict Resolution 8
Customer Service 8
Anger Management 8
De-Escalation 8
Workplace Violence 8
Medical Emergencies 8
Unarmed Basic Security 20

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